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Panic-Level Fear + Economic Expansion = More Bull To Come

Dec. 23, 2018

  We have been pounding the table (lately, with our foreheads) for some time now about the fact that fear-of-losing and of-missing-out drives ...

The Primary Trend is Still Bullish

Dec. 16, 2018

  The phenomenon known as the ‘market’, emerges from what is both a complex and chaotic system: Complex because of the innumerable...

A laughable Market Market Moment

Dec. 10, 2018

This Wednesday’s rally was a textbook case of ‘the market moves, and a cause is found’. The cause? Two words: “just belo...

Weather and Markets

Dec. 3, 2018

  Weather and markets are complex systems, both of which humans endeavor to predict. It is fair to say that meteorologists are better able t...

Even a Constitutional Crisis Will Not Matter

Nov. 25, 2018

We have pounded the table with the fact that news, whether financial or Geopolitical, does not drive the stock market. However, you might argue that...

Cartoonish Reason

Nov. 18, 2018

  Humans have evolved a characteristic need to assign ‘cause’ to events in the environment, so it is not surprising that every tim...